Our directory website terms and conditions template provides a model for those operating online listings services. Where a provider allows users to submit information for inclusion in a directory website rather than collecting the information itself, the provider using this template will benefit from having the ability to define submission practices and to refuse or delete offending submissions.

This template specifies the process for visitors to submit their information for listing on the directory site and the conditions for continued inclusion. Visitors whose information is accepted for listing in the directory grant a licence in their content to the website operator.

The T&Cs allow for two categories of listing: free and paid. The provider can set out the advantages afforded to paid listings. For settlement of fees for paid listings, the template contains provisions that allow the provider to specify procedures for payment and penalties for any unwarranted payment cancellation.

Additionally, the T&Cs template contains standard limitations on use of the website, including protection of the operator's intellectual property rights in the site. This protection is accomplished by providing a copyright notice, a restricted licence to visitors and explicit protection of the site operator's trade marks. Other site-use restrictions include requirements for visitors to keep track of the use of any accounts they have registered and to make certain that the content of any listings complies with the rigorous limits on appropriate content contained in the document.

In accordance with general practice, use of the website constitutes tacit acceptance of the T&Cs by the user, and, in the case of a listing on behalf of a business or other entity, the T&Cs are binding on the individual user and the entity. Users who register should be asked to give their express agreement to the T&Cs.

The template defines the actions the operator may take in case of breaches of the T&Cs, including suspending access or initiating a lawsuit for breach of contract.

Other standard provisions include a disclaimer of warranties by the website operator, a general waiver of liability and indemnification ofthe operator by users. The template also contains prompts for the disclosures typically required to be included on company websites subject to Lucknow Jurisdiction Only.

Our inaugural offer for service is valid on premium listing where we are offering Rs. 3500 premium listing for Rs. 500 for a period of 3 months. The directory website terms and conditions template is designed for business listings and so does not contain the consumer protection or data protection provisions necessary when individuals purchase services or where personal information is provided.